the antioch plan

a pioneering planting strategy

In Acts 11 Luke records the first time believers tried to plant a church amongst the Greeks of Antioch. God blessed their efforts and this church subsequently became a base for cross-cultural ministry to the world. This bold initiative now lends its name to a new pioneer church planting strategy, to be run by Co-Mission


Dear friends,
it is a very great privilege to be able to introduce to you the pioneering church planters of the Antioch Plan.

We praise God for His gracious provision of what we hope will be the first of future cohorts.

The men you’re about to meet are suitably qualified to serve as elders in a local congregation. They are characterised by personal godliness, God has given them an ability to teach and refute error and they possess the necessary leadership qualities to take responsibility for others. They share those three indispensable qualities in common. But as we’ve reflected on those whom God has sent us, three additional notable features have become evident. The first is the diversity of the planters. They’re very different from one another. There’s a range of ages. There’s a range of ethnic and social backgrounds. And they’ve come with both Anglican and Free Church affiliation. This rich mix of planters has already enriched our weekly Antioch Planters’ Workshop.

The second notable feature is the variety of contexts into which they’re planting. All of the church plants will be launched in London. But the range of proposed locations expresses Co-Mission’s intention to reach the many cultures that live in our great capital city. We’re trying to reach Bangladeshis in East London, Koreans in West London, the South American immigrant community spread throughout the London Boroughs, families in the suburbs as well as young professionals in Central London and the working class estates in North-East London and Croydon.

The third notable feature is the quality of the applicants. The overwhelming majority of the planters come with prior theological training and extensive ministry experience. We’ve been thrilled at the calibre of candidates that the Lord has sent us.

Please enjoy reading a little more about each of the planters. And then partner with us by praying for the progress of the gospel in these men’s lives, in the churches they plant and in the communities they’re seeking to reach with the wonderful news of the gospel.

Yours in Christ,
Richard Perkins
Director, The Antioch Plan

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