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Alessandro was born and raised in Brazil. From childhood he attended the First Baptist Church in Goiania.

And in 1992 he publicly expressed his faith in Christ and was baptized.

When he completed his secondary school education in 1999, he opened his own company and studied for a degree in Business. During his studies he met Aluanna, who soon afterwards became his wife.

Late in 2003 they sold their company and came to London to study English. They moved into a new house, immersed themselves into the new culture, started making new friends and began communicating in a new language. They attended church but understood little. Instead they decided to study the Bible together. Soon their friends wanted to join them. In 2005 this group of 15 friends decided to plant an Evangelical church in Watford. As the gospel was faithfully preached, people were converted. Many of these were migrant workers and students who then went back to their home countries. From this time onwards, Alex has wanted to serve the Lord in church planting.

Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Zarah, in 2008 they returned to Brazil. Alex completed his formal theological training at the Seminário Teológico Batista Goiano and he began to raise money for a new church plant in London. Until joining the Antioch Plan he served in one of the churches planted by the First Baptist Church in Goiania and managed the Missions’ Department of the Baptist Convention of Goiana.

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