Dong-O Kim

planting amongst Koreans

Dong-O Kim is married to Abigail. They have three children; Ye-Sheen, Joo-Hee, and Young-Un.

He was born in Seoul, Korea to Christian parents. He grew up taking part in all the activities of the church. Despite having confessed Jesus as his Saviour and Lord, his time studying History at university led him to doubt the truth of his Christian convictions. Through his study of John’s Gospel and the writings of C.S. Lewis his intellectual wandering came to an end.

Moving to London he studied Theology at London Reformed Baptist Seminary, the London School of Theology and then post-graduate studies at Wales Evangelical School of Theology. For the past 15 years, he has been involved in church ministry, leading Sunday School, youth groups, discipling young adults, pastoring cell groups and leading street evangelism teams. He loves preaching and teaching. And one of his greatest joys is to see people delighted or challenged when the message of the Bible is explained and applied.

Together with three other Korean families and the support of the Co-Mission Antioch Plan, he is involved in launching a church to reach Koreans and other international people who come to London for work or study.

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