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planting on housing estates in CROYDON

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Neil was raised in Uxbridge but born in Turkey to missionary parents.

Challenged by his youth leader as a young teenager, he confessed Christ and was baptised. He struggled to live out his faith during these years. But he was brought to his senses through the unexpected intervention of a non-Christian friend. This brought about a clear change of heart and lifestyle.

For most of his life, Neil has been in London. He studied at University College London, where he also led the Christian Union. He then trained as an English teacher at King’s College London. And during this time he represented London on UCCF’s Student Council. He went on to teach for five years in a secondary school in Watford. In 2003 he left education to study at the Cornhill Training Course. Leaving there in 2005, he served the Lord as assistant pastor of Derby Road Baptist Church, Watford. In 2009, he moved to Golders Green to work as a private tutor and attended Trinity Church Islington.

For the past year or so, Neil has been part of Longheath Baptist Church in northeast Croydon. With enthusiastic support of their Pastor, Luciano Pelosi, he hopes to plant Bible studies and then congregations in one or more of the neighbouring council estates.

As well as council-estate folk, Neil loves working with students and enjoys speaking at Christian Union meetings, missions and house parties. His other interests include witnessing to people of very different ideologies: Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses. He also has experience of helping those who face the issue of same-sex attraction. He is working on the CCEF Biblical Counselling Certificate (with Oak Hill) to better understand and help in a wide variety of personal care situations.

In the last year, the Lord has blessed Longheath with increasing numbers of teens and international folk, as well as greater numbers of small group Bible studies. Neil is aware of the great privilege of seeing the Lord at work in Longheath.

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