Sam Stephenson

planting amongst students in SOUTH-WEST LONDON

Sam was the first baby born after Emmanuel Wimbledon planted Dundonald Church.

He therefore grew up at a church where Bible teaching, meeting in school halls and planting churches was very much a normal part of life. As he remembers it, the gospel made sense to him ever since his first days in Sunday School. It had an increasing impact on the way he lived his life throughout his teenage years. But it was whilst serving as a trainee leader on a summer camp run by Christians in Sport that the gospel made its biggest impact on his life.

He has a broad academic background, attending school at King’s College School Wimbledon and then studying Combined Arts (French, Maths and Italian) at Durham University. Whilst at university, he attended Christ Church Durham. Faithful exposition of the Bible combined with intentional personal discipleship from church staff developed in him a deeper understanding of why the gospel is such good news and why others need to hear it.

He spent his third year at Durham abroad in Brussels. He studied at the Institut Biblique Belge, a French-speaking Bible College run by mission partners of Christ Church Durham. Whilst he was there he was struck by the size of the Belgian harvest field and the shortage of labourers. He began to consider seriously whether he might be able to serve God by training in full-time Christian ministry.

Having completed his degree, he returned to Dundonald Church to train as a ministry apprentice. He was given the responsibility of teaching the Bible to 11-14 year olds. In the Apprentice Workshop he received training in the basics of Bible doctrine, gospel ministry practice and expositional preaching. Sam is married to Katherine. She currently works at Christie's, the Fine Art Auctioneers in London. But she has experience of gospel ministry working amongst students. Together they're working to plant a student church in South-West London.

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